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My name is Julie and I am an independent funeral celebrant based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire. My passion is to deliver a personalised service of tribute and farewell you your loved one.  Where together we celebrate the life of your loved one and pay tribute to their passing

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  • Loyalty and fidelity in a relationship
  • True and undying love
  • Profound affection between two people
  • An ever-lasting connection
  • Memories and remembrance between people


Working together we can make a stressful time in your life less stressful.  Creating a eulogy that represents your loved one and brings comfort to those left behind.

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 What is a Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is someone who is called upon to help families at this most painful time in their lives – usually the loss of someone they loved and held dear.  As a celebrant I am motivated by wanting to help those families prepare a memorable service – one that suitably honours a life but can also celebrate that life.

The five stages of grief

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There are five stages of grief that we all go through due to a loss.

1 Shock and Denial – help us minimize the the overwhelming pain we are going through

2 Anger – Trying to adjust to a new reality and new experiences and having to do them on your own

3 Bargaining – Askings someone to help to change the outcome. “God if you can make my mum better I promise I….

4 Depression – We start to feel the loss of our loved one

5 Acceptance – A new reality slowly dawns on us and we come to accept the change in our life.



Let Us Lend a Helping Hand