This is the story of Sally and how, after the death of her mum, her life changed forever. For Sally, going through her mum’s wardrobe after her death was the most challenging task. Sally also started a new business because of her personal experiences and stress.


My name is Sally, and almost exactly 21 years ago, I lost my mum in a horrific road traffic accident.  I had spoken to her on the phone that morning. We had arranged to go shopping a few days later.  That night I was woken up by my dog barking. I realised that someone was knocking on the front door at 2.30 in the morning.

As soon as I opened the door and saw my brother & his partner standing there, I knew. My life changed forever from that moment.

Mum and dad had divorced. I am the oldest child I was next of kin.  My mum didn’t have a will. My brother was happy to leave all the arrangements and sorting out to me.

I arranged the funeral, told people, sorted out the financials, probate, sold the house, everything. It was so difficult, and I felt like I was snooping, and she would walk in at any moment and wonder why I was going through all her things.

When the house sold, the last thing I had to go through was mum’s wardrobe after her death, all her clothes and knick-knacks from over the years.  I think this was the hardest out of everything because it was so personal and was the essence of her.  I had no help with this and found that this process was like losing her all over againorting out Mum’s wardrobe after her death directed my new business.

Sorting out Mum’s Wardrobe After Her Death guided my business

My business, Recycle for their Future, buys people’s unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories.  I pay up to £1 per kilo for perfect condition items.

Mum's wardrobe after her death gave me a new career

Did you know that over 206 tonnes of clothing is disposed of each year in the UK, and only 10% of that is reused?  I am 100% committed to helping the planet and doing my bit to recycle as many clothes as I can and stop them from ending up in a landfill.  I offer a range of services, and one of those is a bereavement service, which helps the planet and helps you by putting a bit of extra money back in your pocket. 

Having been through the process myself, I know how hard it can be to dispose of a loved one’s items.

Tailored entirely to your needs:

  • I can come along and sort out all the clothes myself. I will pay you for the items I want, and if you would like me to, I can recycle the things I don’t want to buy.
  • Or I can come along and sort out items with you, so you do not have to do it alone again. I will buy the things I want and can recycle the items I don’t want.
  • Or you can sort out the items you want to sell, and I can come and collect them.

Contact Sally

I am happy to do as much or as little as you want, and I do not charge for this.  I will pay you up to £1 per kilo for the items I want to buy.

If you would like more information or to chat through the options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me either by text, WhatsApp or by telephone on 07723 652044.  Alternatively, if you prefer, you can contact me by email or check out her website.

In conclusion to Mum’s wardrobe after her death

In conclusion,

After her mother died, Sally realised that it’s not just her who would find going through a parent’s personal items stressful. Legal requirements can be highly complicated, but there is a logical, formal aspect to sorting out these issues.

Sally was overwhelmed with grief after the passing of her mother. She did not know how to sort out her clothes and keepsakes and found the process very lonely. But because she knew other people were experiencing similar challenges during these trying times in life she set up her business to help others by providing a clothing solution.

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