Direct cremation: the simple, low-cost option for a no-fuss funeral service

25 May 2022

A direct cremation is a type of cremation that does not involve a funeral service or visitation at a crematorium. A funeral home, crematorium or independent funeral director can arrange a direct cremation. The crematorium can take the body 24 hours after death as long as they have the correct paperwork.

Many people choose to have a direct cremation because it is less expensive than a traditional funeral service. It is also a good option for those who do not want a formal service or visitation.

The benefits of a direct cremation:

1. It is a simple and low-cost option for those who wish to have a no-fuss funeral service.

2. A Funeral home, crematorium or independent funeral directors can arrange a direct cremation. This makes the process easier for the deceased’s loved ones.

3. This type of service eliminates the need for formal funeral service or visitation, which can save both time and money.

4. The body of the deceased can be in the crematorium within 24 hours after passing.

5. Direct Cremation is an increasingly popular option for those who wish to keep their funeral costs low.

Where and when do I collect the Ashes?

Direct Cremation Urns
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If you choose to have a direct cremation, the ashes will be available for collection from the crematorium within a few days. You can arrange to collect the ashes yourself or have them delivered to your home or another location you choose. You may also choose to scatter the ashes in a special place to you. When you collect the ashes, you will need to bring along some ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. You will also need to sign a release form from the crematorium.

What about a Memorial Services

A memorial service is an excellent way to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. It can also provide closure for those who are grieving. The memorial service will then allow family and friends to gather to share memories and stories of the deceased. A memorial service can be held at a more convenient date and at a location of your choice.

When a Direct Cremation has taken place, a memorial service could occur at your home, a beach, wood or forest, a church, or any other location. Typically, services are held by a clergy member or funeral director or a funeral celebrant like Julie Farmer.

How much does Direct Cremation cost?

The average funeral in the United Kingdom costs between £4,5000 plus. The cost varies depending on the funeral home or cremation provider you use, as well as the location of the crematorium. In general, it is less expensive than a traditional funeral service. A Direct cremation typically costs around £850, depending on the crematorium.

In conclusion

A direct cremation is a simple, low-cost alternative to traditional funeral services. The service is arranged through a funeral home or cremation provider, and many people choose this option because it is less expensive than a traditional funeral. This type of service allows the body to be cremated within 24 hours of death.

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